TJ Center for Communication Technology Web


Web Design

Welcome to the Center for Communication Technology Magnet at Thomas Jefferson High School. CCT is a magnet school within a traditional high school located in southeast Denver, CO. This publication is a website to showcase work done by students who are taking the Web Design technology strand. The web strand for CCT is open to students who are part of the CCT Magnet program and have already taken the Intro to Computing class as Freshman. The focus of the class is teaching students basic web standard principles and applying them to the website they are building. The three major web standards are information architect, content management, and graphic design. Students learn skills in HTML, CSS, asset image production, 2d animation, vector drawing, CM websites, and web video production. These skills are applied through out the course of 4 semester as students create and design websites. Due to time restraints, PHP and javascript are not covered in this web strand coarse.

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