Computers are an integral part of most people’s daily lives. They are used in the workplace, for communication across vast distances, to see shows on demand, to get the news, message strangers, play games, and more. 2/3rds of the population now own a cell phone in 2016, and guess what? Those are computers! Regardless, some people are ignorantly unaware of the parts that make up their computers, from laptop to desktop to cell phone. For a device that makes society, as we know it function, more people should know how it functions, and also how to make one themselves.

It may at first sound daunting, but computers have come a far way from proprietary vacuum tubes and computing machines that only a select few know how to use; these days, all it takes is an afternoon and only slightly more ability than that required to assemble Lego bricks. That raises the question; why not just buy a pre-built computer? When it comes to phones or laptops, that is truly the only option, but when a desktop is required, building it yourself has many benefits:

  1. The ratio of price to performance is much better when you build yourself. When a boutique builder sells one, they take a significant profit, not to mention the cost of labor. When you buy the parts yourself, you negate this cost and get a faster computer for your money!
  2. Upgradability. Most people buy their computer and then in 2 years, replace it. When you build your own computer, you can simply upgrade it periodically, and save money, not to mention the hassle it entails to move computers.
  3. Learning. Building a computer allows you to step out of ignorance of important technology, which will only continue to play a role in our lives, with the plus side of you have a fancy new computer by the end!