The first and most important problem with the car was the brakes. When my dad first brought it out he had said that there was no strength in the brakes at all to stop.

To solve this problem we had to look inside the wheels. The types of brakes on my first car are drum brakes. This means you have to push the pedal all the way in to slow down slowly over time.

The first thing we did is replace the wheel cylinders which is the main component to make the car stop in the first place. We had replaced all 4 wheel cylinders.

Then became the hard and annoying part. We had to remove the old ineffective brake fluid and replace it with new brake fluid.

This consisted of connecting a tube to each bleeder valve and a person pushing in the brake pedal to release the brake fluid.

Eventually after a couple days of constantly grinding at it, we had gotten the brakes to work effectively.