Another problem with my car, that was also a problem in my dad’s car as well was the heater. This car has a Gas Heater instead of a heater that is used in newer cars today. This heater runs from taking fuel from the fuel tank and burning it to make heat.

The problem was that the heater was not turning on. The first possible problem we saw was that the heater was not receiving gas to burn. So me and my dad replaced the fuel line. The heater still didn’t run.

The next possible problem was that the wiring was off. We had rewired the heater, also checking if they had charge or not. That still wasn’t the problem we were looking for.

The final problem that we thought of was that it was something inside the heater. After doing research we found that the switch in the circuit that would make the heater turn on inside the heater. We had replaced the switch and then the heater finally started up again.