My first car is a 1973 Volkswagen Thing.
It was one of many cars that would sit in
a large barn in upstate New York under
my grandfather’s possession. In the year
2014, my grandfather passed away.

My dad went up to New York to help my Grandmother out by removing some of
the junk that was around, which my
grandfather felt the need to keep. One
thing that my dad got was my first car.

Bringing other things that my dad loved from back home and packed up a
U-Haul and a trailer to move everything back home. Compared to the other cars
in that barn my car was in the best
condition than all the other cars.

The only problems the car had originally were that the brakes were no longer
working and there was rust problems.
My dad’s first car was also a Volkswagen Thing but a 1974 version.