I have been playing video games for as long as I remember and really enjoy it. I have played on many platforms including xbox, pc, and nintendo ds. Some of my favorites are Terraria TF2, Overwatch, and gallery. You will get a little overview about each game here.

Terraria is similar to minecraft, however it is a 2D plane. In terraria there is a lot of content to be explored. You have 4 classes you can play or combine them. There are many bosses and enemies you can fight throughout your journey of Terraria.

Team Fortress 2 or TF2, is an fps or First Person Shooter where you have many classes that specific weapons go to them. In Team Fortress 2 there are many game modes you can pick from and choose to enjoy the game. TF2 also offers ingame content that changes your character design.

Overwatch is very similar to TF2 but is different in ways. In Overwatch you have many characters to play from that are different classes. You have offensive, defensive, tank, and support. You have many game modes to play with your friends or solo.

Stardew Valley is farming simulator game. In this game you live on farm and you can do whatever to want in the game. You can do whatever you want in the game. You can farm crops, raise animals, go mining, or start a relationship with someone.

I prefer playing video games on the computer mainly because the mouse and keyboard feel much smoother from aiming than with a controller. I will not be debating whether pc or consoles are better or whether xBox or Playstation is better within this website because everyone has there own opinon on it and it will just to fighting over what is better. We do not want violence to be caused by a simple preference.

Some honorable mentions that are would've made to this website are Pokemon, most likely generation 3 or 4, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and League Of Legends. Each one of the previous mention games I throughly enjoy playing, however I can enjoy the other four games much more than the previous mention games.