Video games are an interesting and engaging form of media that have continued to grow in popularity over the years. In the current market, where there’s a high demand for new games, how can you be sure which ones are truly worth buying? Let this website help answer your questions, and become an expert in the field of superb game design. Here, I will discuss the 4 most important aspects of a good game: the gameplay, the story, the characters, and the setting. To help discuss these topics, I will be using examples of games that triumphed over their competition in terms of these 4 categories.

Gameplay, put simply, is the "meat" of a game, and is the feedback a player receives when they input controls. This is what seperates games from other forms of media, and is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of any game.

The setting, in-game, is the game's world in which events take place. As in all stories, the setting should be revealed in a "Show, don't tell" manner. Characters exist within this setting, either as NPCs, followers, or playable characters. A game should strive for likeable, believable characters.

The story is the plotline of a game, and is in some cases the driving factor for events in-game to take place. Not all games need this, but it is a nice addition to what would otherwise be a stale game.

With this knowledge, let's do an in-depth analysis of each of these characteristics.



Civilization 5: representative for gameplay
TES V: representative for setting
The Wolf Among Us: representative for story