Hi I am Grace Leonard!  I have been riding horse for seven years and I hope to continue my love in college.  I have always loved horses and when I began riding at summer camp at age eight I was hooked.

How I Began

I began taking lessons at a 4H barn in Littleton, Colorado.  4H gave me a basis about not just riding but being a horseman.  I completed multiple projects about horse management and horse health, which have aided me in owning a horse.  I also learned a sense of responsibility because I had to feed the horses once a week and clean my lease horses stall.  When I got a new trainer at age eleven, she introduced me to english riding and I never looked back.  

Entering the Competition World

At age twelve, I moved to a jumping barn and bought my first horse, Aragorn. Aragorn took me to my first shows and showed me the process of training a difficult horses.  I rode him for years as a jumping horse before I decided to shift his career to dressage.  After I decided to shift him to dressage, I purchased a new jumping horse, Demora.  Demora was very green, but she was the best thing to happen to my jumping career.  I hope to compete her on the A-circuit my last two years before college to prep for collegiate riding. More can be found about them on the chja and dressage pages.

Collegiate Riding

I hope to ride on either an IHSA or NCEA team in college. IHSA runs like IEA, which I currently do, but I am more interseted in NCEA. NCEA runs with multiple disaplins and is a new challange with riding other horses. I like the team aspect the NCEA provides. Most of the schools that I fit with academically, as well, only have NCEA teams.