Editing Photos

The world of photography is filled with different photos. There are nature, news, political, and so many others. Editing however, is important for all of them. Not all photographers edit their photos of course; but it's still a huge thing in photography to make your photos look better, more professional, and overall just have a bigger effect on the audience.

The first photo is of a piece of ornamental grass from the circle where the flagpole is at Thomas Jefferson High School. I increased the saturation, the shadows, and the changed the color balance to make it look more gold and pop out from the background.

The second photo is a little bit of a tree out front of Thomas Jefferson High School. Like the last photo, I changed the shadows, saturation, exposure, and the color balance to make it pop out and be more beautiful than ever before.

The last photo is of South High School. I change the white balance, the saturation, and the clarity of the photo to make it look more like a cartoon. I really like this editing because it really does look like a cartoon and the colors just pop out a lot more.

The picture above is an HDR photo of a tree in the parking lot of TJHS.