Denver Parks

Denver Colorado is full of stunning, beautiful parks. Although I love cities,parks have a peace to them unlike the city. There are people, trees, plants,singing birds, and smells of dew and life.

The first picture you see is a picture I took in the park by Thomas Jefferson.took this in the beginning of fall and love how the yellowing of the leaves are starting I also love how the weather then was just so perfect and you can see that by the blue skies, the few clouds, and the sun rays dscending from above.

The Second photo is a close up of some berries I found at the park nearest my house. I love this picture because of the selective focus going on that just makes the berries pop off the blue background and show their beautiful natural colors throughout. I took this, lke the other one, in the fall and it turned out really well. IIt's one of my favorites.

The Last photo is a photo of a lake in a park that I went to to see a play. I didn't watch the play much but I did see this beautiful lake and took this picture at the moment the sun was about to go behing the mountains and there was a goose in the lake. This photo was taken in the summer and it was just a beautful time of the year in a beautiful park at the right time

Pictures above were taken around Thomas Jefferson High School.