The photos on this page are some of my favorites that don't belong with any of the other categories on this website. I really like these because they are just a result of pure creativity.

The first photo is light drawing where we put the camera shutter very low in order to capture every movement of the light. I love this pictre because of how it just has a place in life and just feels relaxig to look at.

The second photo is a random photo I wanted to take up close of a water fountain which I found to look really cool up close. I love how you can see every detail of the water coming out of the spout and just the peace of it all.

The third photo I took is of a tree in a snow storm. I love how you can see the snowflakes falling and see how peaceful the scene is. It kind of reminds me of christmas.

Both pictures above were taken in and around Boston Massacheuusetts and are just stunning.